[UPDATE] Zero Dark Thirty 4K UHD Blu-ray
November 15, 2018

[UPDATE] Zero Dark Thirty 4K UHD Blu-ray

This being our first 4K UHD release, we are spending a lot of time on quality check. Please wait just a bit longer. Thank you for your patience.

Limited art resources and our desire for originality, we have gone back to the starting point. This is not a re-design. This is entirely new.

We have decided to go with a military concept. Snapfingers from Poland acquired costumes for an actor for him to wear and to be photographed. Some elements including the helicopter were created by making 3D images. Some details throughout the artwork were illustrated.

Base Artwork Credit:
▪️ Grzegorz "Goren" Pędziński - concept, photography, graphic design
▪️ Wojciech "Keber" Saleniuk - model, military gear owner
▪️ Rafał Pyra - 3D modeling and texturing
▪️ Photoshots - Properspektywa Studio(Żagań, Poland)