April 20, 2015

Our thoughts on 'Om Shanti Om'

'OM SHANTI OM' is a Bollywood movie as some of you may already know — a slight departure from our traditional “arthouse” releases.

The story-line is pretty straightforward as you’d expect from a Masala film. But the grand design / scale of the production with dance numbers will leave you enthralled. The story is set around the Bollywood industry itself, which is why we believe that it’s the perfect introduction to the genre if you’ve never seen a Bollywood film before.

An Indian film may not be your thing, but please keep an open mind to world cinema like Bollywood. Plain Archive does not solely focus on critically acclaimed arthouse films. Releasing a series of culturally-diverse films is more important to us. Even though we understand the lack in popularity, we won’t be pouring less effort into this release. In fact, we’ll be taking extra steps to ensure that we come up with the best possible edition. OM SHANTI OM was a big success in India, but also in Korea as well. Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are both huge stars of Bollywood.

If you are a Plain Archive fan from overseas, we expect most of you to not have seen the movie. But perhaps releasing an Indian film is something that we ought to ambitiously try at least once, given the opportunity. There’s no need to purchase all of our releases “to collect ‘em all”. On the contrary, we believe that it’s better if you buy the releases you want to watch. But halting your Plain Archive collection altogether because of OM SHANTI OM hurts our feelings. Plain Archive will always strive for producing quality Blu-ray editions of well-made films, that are worth watching. The packaging is merely an icing on the cake.

Best regards