March 20, 2015

We respect our customers, and we feel your respect coming at our direction.

To our international customers,

Plain Archive is a small independent company with just two full-time employees. We do almost everything ourselves —— film selection, package design, blu-ray authoring, online store management, shipment preparation, customer service, and more. After two years of operation, we’ve finally escaped working from home, and only recently moved to a small dedicated office.

We’re not saying that it’s acceptable to act like amateurs because of our scale. We’ve always wanted people to judge us based purely on the quality of our products. A lot of effort has gone into our products, shipments, and customer service in order to avoid certain assumptions that can be made about a startup like us.

Plain Archive deals with Blu-ray collectors all over the world, and not one customer is easy to please because of their extremely high standards. But we’ve always listened. And we’ve also received some absurd requests, but we tried our best to be polite and helpful.

Our team pours everything into creating products that are hopefully worth your money. A large majority of our existing customers purchase our products because they recognize our effort. Some even order multiple copies of the same edition.

We respect our customers, and we feel your respect coming at our direction. Unfortunately, there’s a small number of individuals who doesn’t respect us back. We’ve received angry emails with profanity, and in some cases — threats.

Our Zero Dark Thirty editions have caused a record traffic with unprecedented demand. It’s unfortunate, but some will succeed and some will miss out. We understand your frustration.

If there’s anything we need to improve upon, please give us your feedback. But we do not want to suffer from reading emails that cross the line.

We’d like to end by saying thank you for the support you’ve shown us with the pre-order of Zero Dark Thirty. We have some exciting new products coming this year. Please stay tuned.

Thank you


Plain Archive