November 15, 2014

Combo Pack items NOT sharing the same number.

Dear International customers

We’ve NEVER guaranteed that you’ll be getting the same number for every item when purchasing our ISTD Triple-pack or the One-click Combo Pack. Some of our customers who ordered earlier than most could have gotten the same number for all. But some of our customers have ordered a single item and you can imagine how that would affect the Combo Pack items not sharing the same number.

With the release of <I Saw The Devil>, we’ve announced before the pre-order that the ‘first come first served lower number’ policy is for the first 100 copies only. The rest were distributed randomly.

The variations of “packs” were made available because there were many of you that asked for them. To show gratitude for your support, we’ve included the director’s hand-signed cards.

Our own policy of ‘lower number allocation on a first come first served basis’ is causing delays on shipments as well as customer email response. We’re operating with a very few people indeed.

As we gradually grow and sell more copies each month, it would become even more challenging for us to continue this policy. The ‘first come first served lower number’ policy which we implemented ourselves may face downsizing or shutdown in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding.

PS. Other Korean steelbook publishers like Nova or Kimchi does offer matching numbers for their own Triple packs. The confusion is understandable, but we don’t share the same policy.

Best regards