September 03, 2014

'The King of Pigs' standard edition will be released

PA003 'The King of Pigs' limited editions are out of print long ago.

So the standard edition of 'The King of Pigs' will be released on 19th September.

Price: USD$27.5

* Pre-orders at 6th September. (

※ This is the standard edition of The King of Pigs. It's keep case edition. (High quality Scanavo's 14mm keep case)
※ Initial print run: 400 copies (250 copies for international customers)
※ Not numbered
※ 8 pages of booklet
※ Art card with Director's sonal autograph
※ Plain Archive exclusive sticker
※ A slip box will be limitedly offered with only first press (initial press).
After the first press edition is sold out, only the later regular pressing without the slip box is available for ordering.

Please stay tuned for more details.