January 10, 2014

Details of The Wrestler steelbook package™

The Wrestler steelbook™ by PLAIN ARCHIVE


  • Exclusive edition only for PLAIN ARCHIVE e-store : 3K Print run (Numbered)
    • 1.5K for plainarchive.com (for international customers only) - Quarter slip : 500 units / Full slipcase : 1,000 units
    • 1.5K for plainarchive.co.kr (for domestic customers only) - Quarter slip : 500 units / Full slipcase : 1,000 units
    • Exclusive extra items : 40p Booklet(Book cover is made of luxurious ‘Savile Row Plain’ paper), Two wrestling trading cards, Number sticker on movie trading card, Mini size re-design poster card, Luxurious exclusive sticker, Full slipcase(Title embossed & High quality royal ivory paper )


  • Standard edition for domestic local stores : Approximately 800copies Print run (Quarter slip only / Non-Numbered)
    • Extra item : 16p Booklet


- We will soon notify about Preorder schedule, pricing lists and slipcase edition with keep case.