May 07, 2015

The bonus gift for purchasing is the poster, not the tube!

Dear International customers,

A small number of our customers are questioning why they received only one paper tube with 2 posters for purchasing two Triple Packs.

The bonus gift for purchasing a Triple Pack(or a Quadruple pack) is the poster, not the tube. Purchasing two Triple Packs doesn’t mean that we’ll be providing two tubes.

If we included two tubes, that would increase weight of the package, which would also increase your shipping fee.

Same thing applies for the ZDT Exclusive cardboard box. There's a limit to K-packet's size, which should not go over 90cm when adding the three dimensions together.

You can expect the cost to skyrocket for Air Parcel or EMS.

Of course, If you had placed 2 separate orders, then each order would have been shipped separately.

It is our policy when a singular order is placed, then all items are sent together in one box. Otherwise, the shipping cost would double.

If we haven't clearly stated that the number of tubes we'll be providing isn't the same quantity as the number of packs you've purchased, we apologize.

But please understand that our intentions were always to serve our customers. The poster was a "gift" to show our gratitude for your support. From this point onwards, our website will clearly state every little detail to avoid any misunderstandings.

The box used for the ZDT Triple / Quad Packs were merely serving its purpose as a means for shipping. It is not part of the product that we're selling.

We've stated the following in the past:

* ALERT : Extra slip box for this Triple pack will not be provided


* Release date : 28 April, 2015

The only "pre-order gift" was the poster by Jonathan Burton.

Hope you understand.

Best regards