About Customs, Duties & Taxes

A big portion of our international customers is demanding undervalued invoice. We are fully aware of the harsh realities regard to import duties added by some European authorities. It’s uneasy for us to watch some of our customers paying extra on top of our products + shipping fees.

Unfortunately, an undervalued invoice is strictly forbidden and illegal in most countries. If caught on multiple occasions, PLAIN ARCHIVE could be listed on the authorities’ blacklist, banning us from shipping our products to destinations around the world. Therefore, PLAIN ARCHIVE OFFICIALLY does not provide an undervalued invoice to our international customers.

However, if you think your country’s authorities add a ridiculous sum of duties even when purchasing a single-disc, for example, we advise you to leave a message under the “note” section when purchasing through our online store. Please note that we cannot undervalue our products significantly, but we will do our best to fairly unload your burden. Again, this is not an official service, and we do not take responsibilities for any extra duties or taxes that may be added by the officials.

We greatly appreciate your interest in PLAIN ARCHIVE and our products. The PLAIN ARCHIVE team in Korea is encouraged by your positive, as well as your negative feedbacks. To meet your high expectations, we will never stop putting our best efforts.