March 05, 2015

'ZERO DARK THIRTY' Director Kathryn Bigelow approves.

Oscar-winning 'HURT LOCKER' director Kathryn Bigelow thought the artwork was really cool, and sent us her autograph.

It’s an honor to have her support on our design and illustration.
Huge thanks to Johnny and Chelsea at Annapurna Pictures. :)


Designing the PET case for Zero Dark Thirty

Our first attempt with the PET case for I SAW THE DEVIL was met with positive response.

Naturally, we discussed doing a similar slip case for ZERO DARK THIRTY.

Night Vision Goggles, or NVGs play an important role towards the end of the movie.

It made perfect sense for us to go for a green PET case that would reflect the storyline.

After a long period of testing, we’re revealing the final look of the ZERO DARK THIRTY PET case.

We take your feedbacks seriously. There’s absolutely no reason for us not to listen to your suggestions and concerns that would improve our product.

Although the green PET case was discussed amongst ourselves a long time ago, it was incredibly reassuring to find people online suggesting that we should do the green PET case

and we thank all of you for taking a huge interest in this project. It really means a lot to us.

OK, One more thing.

We want to show you something curious about our new PET slip case of ZERO "DARK" THIRTY in this video.
*Full Screen View Recommended.