October 24, 2014

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] 'I Saw The Devil' PET Full Slip Shipments

Dear International customers,
We’ve notified a few days ago that I Saw The Devil PET Full Slip encountered a production error.

If you’ve ordered the One Click Combo Pack (Three editions of I Saw The Devil + The Master), Triple Pack (Three editions of I Saw The Devil), or the Double Pack (I Saw The Devil PET Full Slip + The Master), we’ll be shipping those orders altogether on November 6th.

We would love to ship the PET Full Slip separately on November 6th, but not having more staff restricts us from doing that.

+ Please don't report this to Paypal. It has already given restrictions to our account, but there will be even more if there's a complaint from our customers. Further restrictions from Paypal may lead to giving up the international market. Please be patient so we can ship our products out in perfect condition.

Our sincere apologies.

Best regards