September 23, 2014

★★★ Important Update: Our Online Store ★★★

Dear International customers

Beginning with the pre-order of <I Saw The Devil> and <The Master>, our Online Store will no longer support Small Packet shipping. Korea Post has recently asked us to replace all Small Packet shipments with K-Packet.

Small Packet is a manual system that requires a lot of time on our end, resulting in a huge slowdown of our entire shipping process. The shipping system is out of date.

We’re also experiencing a huge increase with incoming orders. The total print run of <I Saw The Devil> and <The Master> combined exceeds 5,000, which is a lot for us to handle.

So we're sorry that no longer support Small Packet shipping. Please use K-Packet from now on for its safety and speed. Thank you for understanding. We'll do our best for reliable customer service.

Best regards