Pre-order : Still Alice / The Boy and the Beast

June 14, 2016

Still Alice (PA017) / The Boy and the Beast (PA027): Pre-order on June 17th, Friday, 4PM Korea Time.

The Boy and the Beast Type B will be available for our international customers, but in limited quantity. (70 copies) This is due to a much greater demand from our Korean customers.

*Type B's cover is entirely lenticular.

**We won't be selling The Boy and the Beast Type A to our international customers. This is because of the deal we made with the local distributor –– we're not allowed to sell Type A internationally.

We're also happy to announce that we'll be taking pre-orders of Still Alice, a film which Julianne Moore was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress in 2015.

Details for Still Alice and The Boy and the Beast are coming soon!

Apology For Delay Of Shipment

Dear International customers,

Thank you for the love and support.

We are currently shipping out both MEMORIES OF MOTHER and CAROL SCREENPLAY.

It’s taking longer than expected due to shortage of staff and thorough packaging necessary to protect heavy books.

We expect to complete shipping orders by December 10.

Our apologies for the delay. 

Thank you for your patience.