One Day Off (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, CD)

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  • Estimated release date: July 7, 2023

Introducing the One Day Off OST CD Package, a musical journey inspired by the heartwarming drama. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies that weave through the story of Park Ha kyung, a Korean language teacher seeking solace on a one-day getaway. This limited-time pre-order offer, starting on June 15th, invites you to experience the captivating soundtrack composed by MINHWI LEE, known for his versatile talent and unique musical style.

The package features 42 original tracks, spanning various genres and titles, perfectly complementing the diverse episodes of One Day Off. From trot and classical to rock, folk, and bossa nova, each episode introduces a new musical landscape, immersing you deeper into the colorful journey of Park Ha kyung. Among these captivating compositions, two vocal tracks, "Us by Chance" and "Weekend Trip," stand as pillars, capturing the themes of "relationship" and "travel" with their memorable melodies and lyrics.

This exclusive OST CD package, released by PLAIN ARCHIVE, delivers not only a rich musical experience but also includes a 10-page fold-out brochure and a set of seven Polaroid photos as special collectible goodies. Embrace the magic of One Day Off and secure your limited-edition copy during the pre-order period from June 15th to June 21st. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a musical journey that touches your heart and brings joy to your ears.



  • Full Slip Case
  • Set of 7 Polaroid photos
  • Grounding brochure (available only in Korean)


Track List

01. 박하경 여행기 One Day Off
02. 날으는 비닐봉지 Flying Plastic Bag
└ Electric Guitar: 하범석 Beomseok Ha, 이민휘 Minhwi Lee
03. 절 꿈 Temple Dream
04. 숲 속에서 걷기 Walking in the Forest
05. 같이 가도 돼요 With You
06. 군산 Gunsan
└ Electric Guitar: 이민휘 Minhwi Lee, 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi
└ Arranged by 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi
07. 이상한 꽃집 + 어디로 가야하나 Weird Flower Shop + How to Get There
08. 불나방 Moth
09. 이상한 시그널 Mysterious Signal
10. 연주야 안녕 Hi Yeonju
11. 소개 Introduction
12. 타로 Tarot
13. 자화상 Self-Portrait
14. 들어보실래요 Do You Want to Listen
└ Guitars: 이민휘 Minhwi Lee
└ Voice: 구교환 Kyohwan Koo, 오우리 Woori Oh, 이나영 Nayoung Lee
15. 러브러브뿅 Lovelove Connection
16. 면 결정 Noodle Decision
17. 우린 어쩌다 Us by Chance
└ Vocal: 이민휘 Minhwi Lee
└ Guitars: 하범석 Beomseok Ha
18. 달세계 여행 Le Voyage Dans La Lune
19. 귤 Clementine
20. 창진 기다리기 Waiting Changjin
21. 부러진 코 + 서커스 Broken Nose + Circus
22. 카페 음악 Cafe Music
└ Composed, arranged, performed,
└ recorded and mixed by 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi
23. 속초의 기억 Sokcho Memory
24. 뽕짝 - 한 버전 Bbong Hahn ver.
└ Composed, arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi
25. 버스 + 김부각 Bus + Seaweed Snack
26. 학교 댄스 School Dance
└ Vocal: 이민휘 Minhwi Lee
27. 코스모스 Cosmos
28. 관계 Relation
└ Guitars: 이민휘 Minhwi Lee, 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi
29. 루프 Loop
30. 루 Roo
└ Voice: 길해연 Haeyeon Kill, 이나영 Nayoung Lee
31. 우정 만들기 Friendship
32. 이상한 우산 Weird Umbrella
33. 비오는 날 Rainy Day
34. 고궁 Palace
└ Composed, arranged, performed,
└ Recorded and mixed by 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi
35. 지렁이 이야기 Worm Story
36. 주말 여행 Weekend Trip
(feat. 김세영 Seyoung Kim, 이민휘 Minhwi Lee)
└ Vocal: 김세영 Seyoung Kim, 이민휘 Minhwi Lee
└ Guitars: 하범석 Beomseok Ha
37. Papagena and Papageno 빵 버전
(feat. 김승리 Seunglee Kim, 조지석 Jiseok Jo)
└ Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
└ Arranged by J. Michael Diack
└ Lyrics adapted by 이민휘 Minhwi Lee
└ Soprano: 김승리 Seunglee Kim
└ Baritone: 조지석 Jiseok Jo
└ Vocal recorded by 김남윤 Namyoon Kim (Southpole Sound Lab)
38. 빵 여행 Bread Trip
└ Guitars: 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi, 하범석 Beomseok Ha
└ Keyboards: 이민휘 Minhwi Lee
└ Composed, arranged,
└ Recorded and mixed by 지윤해 Yoonhae Chi
39. 빵을 위해 달리기 Running for Bread
40. 엄마 안녕 Hi Mom
41. 빵의 맛 The Taste of Bread
42. 경주 Gyeongju


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