The Call (Motion Picture Score Album, 2LP)

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Introducing the limited edition vinyl soundtrack of "The Call" the Netflix mystery thriller that showcases the talents of director Lee Chung-hyun and composer Dalpalan. This 2LP set features 180g black vinyl, a gatefold cover, and a booklet with liner notes and recommendations from the director and critic. With a redesigned artwork cover and analog mastering for vinyl only, this release is a must-have for fans of Korean cinema and film music. Limited to 700 copies worldwide and distributed globally by LITA.



  • 2LP set pressed on 180g black vinyl
  • Heavyweight 12-inch vinyl pressed in Czech Republic by GZ Media
  • Gatefold cover with a black inner bag
  • Includes a booklet with a testimonial from director Lee Chung-hyun and liner notes from critic Han Sang-cheol.


 Track List



새로운 집 The New House
우울한 빛 A Gloomy Light
불타는 계단 Burning Stairs
낡은 TV Old TV
오래전 기억 Memories from past
나의 아버지 My Father
서연의 탈출 Seo-yeon's Escape
PART 2. 또다른 시간 Another Time
의문의 의식 Mysterious Ceremony


진실을 찾아서 Searching For Truth
서연의 자유 Seo-yeon is Free
첫 번째 살인 The First Murder
PART 1. 다른 생각 Different Ideas
PART 2. 시간의 터널 Tunnel of Time
너의 발견 A Different Side of You


붉은 타일 The Red Tile
검은 환타지 Black Fantasy


무엇이 진짜 운명인가 Destiny
모든 게 꿈이라면 2 what if everything is a dream? 2
어둠의 반복 Infinite Darkness
모든 게 꿈이라면 what if everything is a dream?

All Track Composed by 달파란 Dalpalan


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