The Moments: The Handmaiden Photo Book (Red)

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THE MOMENTS: THE HANDMAIDEN is the first official book personally approved and presented by director Park Chan wook, featuring 400 images from photographer Lee Jae Hyuk.

Lee is an accomplished stills photographer known for his collaboration with Bong Joon Ho, Choi Dong hoon and more.

  • Release Date: June 15, 2022


      About the Book

      Film stills, usually taken for marketing and promoting purposes, have been elevated to the state of art in The Handmaiden and are being published in the 1st Official Photo Book, ’The Moments: The Handmaiden’. The film was directed by Park Chan wook, who had already gained worldwide recognition through Oldboy. The Handmaiden was a film of deceiving and being deceived, centered around the fate-changing love between ‘Lady Hideko(Kim Min hee)’ and ‘Sook-hee(Kim Tae ri). It portrayed Director Park’s grotesque yet finesse aesthetics, which was much loved by the audience. With its premiere, a significant domestic and international fandom was formed, creating ‘The Handmaiden Syndrome’.

      There have been many books about The Handmaiden, but ‘The Moments’ is the one-and-only Official Photo Book of the film. ‘The Moments: The Handmaiden’ contains 400 photographs spread over 520 pages, carefully picked from over 10,000 film stills taken by Lee Jae Hyuk, who has been the go-to film still photographer for top directors such as Parasite’s Bong Joon ho and Alien’s Choi Dong hoon. A film photo book with never-before-seen extensive volume, aesthetically amplified extra-large high-quality photo prints, high-quality fabric hardcover binding with a bookcase, and much more. A book produced in the most luxurious of ways.

      The photo book, 'The Moments: The Handmaiden' consists of 3 parts. The 1st part contains film stills of the main actors and actresses, that capture even the smallest details of facial expressions. The 2nd part contains Photographer Lee Jae Hyuk’s commentaries that allow for a more vivid portrayal of the behind-the-scenes stills. (Korean Text only) The 3rd part contains a conversation between Director Park Chan-wook and Photographer Lee Jae hyuk, commentating on the photo book, and critiquing ‘film stills’ as an art genre. (In both Korean and English Text)

      From the production and design stages up until the final revision, Director Park has participated in every step of making ‘The Moment: The Handmaiden’, making it more meaningful. The photo book will be published in two different book cover versions. The ‘Lady Hideko – Purple cover’ version and ‘Sook-hee – Red cover’ version. Both the versions will each be published only once in limited quantity. They will only be available for a limited time via pre-order, which will make them more valuable over time.


      Book Specifications

      Edition: Hardcover (Sewn Binding + OTA Binding)
      Language: Korean and English
      Dimensions: 21 x 28cm(Paper Size) / Thickness: 5cm
      Weight: 3kg
      Length: 520 pages
      Price: $130.00

      *Shipped in a protective box.



      Part 1. Film Stills of <The Handmaiden>
      Part 2. Behind-the-Scenes Stills
      - Lee Jae Hyuk’s lively captions (Korean)
      Part 3. Review and Essay (Korean & English)
      - A conversation between Director Park Chan wook and Photographer Lee Jae Hyuk 


      Director & Cast Filmography

      Director Park Chan-wook
      <The Handmaiden>, <Stoker>, <Thirst>, <I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK>, <Oldboy>, <Joint Security Area>, <Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance>, <Lady Vengeance>

      Still Photographer Lee Jae Hyuk
      <Parasite>, <Handmaiden>, <Assassination>, <1987>, <Snowpiercer>, <Avengers: Age of Ultron>, <Black Panther>, <Equals>, <Endings, Beginnings>

      Kim Min-hee
      <The Novelist’s Film>, <The Woman Who Ran>, <The Handmaiden>, <Helpless>
      * Listed in the ‘New York Times’ “The 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century”

      Kim Tae-ri
      TV Series <Twenty-Five Twenty-One>, <Mr. Sunshine>
      Films <Alien>, <Space Sweepers>, <Little Forest>, <1987: When the Day Comes>

      Ha Jung-woo
      <Along with the Gods>, <The Handmaiden>, <Assassination>

      Cho Jin-woong
      <The Spy Gone North>, <Believer>, <The Handmaiden>


      ⚠️ The separation of the cover from the pages is by design. We chose OTA binding technique as it allows the book to stay open flat.

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