Oldboy Steelbook (3 Discs)

August 16, 2016

In mid-September, we'll be taking pre-orders for Oldboy Steelbook. The total print run will be 5,000. Disc 1 will feature Oldboy and Disc 2 will show Old Days, the documentary. It will also include new HD extra features as well as most of the bonus features of the UE DVD. The total runtime of the extra features will be 9h 37m.

Disc 3, exclusive to Steelbook, will feature interviews for Old Days that didn't make the final cut. For five months, we've travelled across South Korea to interview 40 people.

Interviews on Disc 3 will be categorized into 19 sections as listed below. The total runtime is approximately 3 hours.

1) Park Chan-wook
2) Choi Min-sik / Yu Ji-tae / Kang Hye-jung
3) Yoon Jin-seo / Oh Tae-kyung / Yu Yeon-seok
4) Oh Kwang-rok / Oh Dal-su
5) Lim Seung-yong(producer)
6) Han Jae-duk(line producer) / Kook Su-ran
7) Jeong Jeong-hoon(dp)
8) Park Hyun-won(lights)
9) Ryu Seong-hee(production design)
10) Song Jong-hee(hair&make-up)
11) Jo Sang-kyung(costume)
12) Yang Kil-young(stunt)
13) Lee Kye-byuk / Jung Sik / Han Jang-hyuk / Suk Min-woo
14) Kim Sang-bum(editor)
15) Lee Jeon-hyung(visual effects supervisor)
16) Lee Sang-wook(recording)
17) Lee Seung-chul(sound supervisor)
18) Jo Young-wook(music) / Shim Hyun-jung(composer)
19) Seo Young-ju(international sales) / Son Min-kyung(M-Line Distribution)

**Disc 3 does NOT support English subtitles.

Oldboy Steelbook will be available in 3 Editions:

The attached image of the Slipbox is what we call a Director's Choice.

The artwork for the slipbox was used previously for the Oldboy vinyl LP. It was co-ordinated by Nicolas Winding Refn, the director of Drive, and illustrated by Laurent Durieux. The director of Oldboy Park Chan-wook wanted one of our editions to feature this artwork so we reached out to Milan Records and illustrator Laurent Durieux. You'll be able to see more of the artwork since parts of the top and bottom were cropped out for the vinyl LP.

Please understand that we can't reveal other editions of the Steelbook at the moment as we're working on them right now. The pricing of the Steelbook will be USD $46.89.

Oldboy Limited Box Set:

For the first time, Plain Archive is planning a limited Box Set.

Inside, you'll find:

1) Oldboy Steelbook
2) Storyboard
3) Script
4) Photo Book (never-before-seen on-set photographs / 110 images)
5) Essay Book
6) Extra Goods

It will cost around USD $90.

**Due to high shipping costs and possibilities of damage, we won't be selling the limited Box Set internationally.

Thank you

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