Update on 'Oldboy'

April 22, 2015

Firstly, we'd like to apologize for making you wait this much. Oldboy is taking so much longer than we initially anticipated, and took us by surprise last year.

Believe it or not, we are still working on Oldboy.

There's a documentary we're making. It features approx. 40 people (cast & crew). These are new interviews that you've never seen before.

The documentary feature is a proper film, made by a group of professional crew. We're also using a cinematic camera, instead of a camcorder or a DSLR.

In terms of the packaging, there will be a limited edition box set with a Steelbook inside. There are other editions that we can't talk about at the moment. Five designers from four different countries are working on multiple editions.

We're almost entirely sure that our release of Oldboy would be the most expensive Blu-ray production Korea has ever seen. One of the reasons being the documentary. The final product's pricing would be high as well.

Please bare with us a little longer. We need more time to release the best possible edition of Oldboy.

P.S. Attaching one of the artworks and a screenshot from the documentary (actress Yoon Jin-seo)

Thank you

Best regards

Apology For Delay Of Shipment

Dear International customers,

Thank you for the love and support.

We are currently shipping out both MEMORIES OF MOTHER and CAROL SCREENPLAY.

It’s taking longer than expected due to shortage of staff and thorough packaging necessary to protect heavy books.

We expect to complete shipping orders by December 10.

Our apologies for the delay. 

Thank you for your patience.