'Old Days' at Jeonju International Film Festival

April 08, 2016


'Old Days' is a documentary about the film 'Oldboy', created for Plain Archive's upcoming Blu-ray release.

Directed by Han Sun-hee, the documentary will be screening at the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival under the program: Korea Cinemascape. (April 28 ~ May 7)

From photography to editing, CGI, music, DI, and DCP, we've invested heavily to make sure the final film is produced to the highest standard. The documentary is currently in post-production and we're close to wrapping up.

We'd need a little more time to reveal the pre-order information for our release of 'Oldboy' Blu-ray, but if you'd like to see the documentary before anyone else, please take a note of the screening information at Jeonju International Film Festival.

We've tried really hard to make sure that we didn't just stop at creating the best physical version of 'Oldboy'. With 'Old Days', we're paying homage to one of the most special film in the history of Korean cinema. The documentary is being made with our love and passion.

Our sincere apologies once again for the delay of our release of Oldboy Blu-ray. Our next update on 'Oldboy' will reveal more information about the upcoming pre-order. Until then, we'll be working diligently.

'Old Days' will be screened at the Film Festival three times. The first screening which will happen on April 29th at 5:30 PM will be followed by a cinema class with director Park Chan-wook, Lim Seung-yong (Producer, Oldboy), and Han Sun-hee (Director, Old Days).

Thank you:)